NAD Chosen NextGEN Pastor Pin Set (Charity)



NAD Chosen NextGEN Pastor Pin Set

North American Division Ministerial Association NextGen Pastor Pin Set Collection. Each pin has a special meaning.

  1. Chosen DISCIPLE
  2. Chosen to LEAD - NextGEN PASTOR 
  3. Chosen to SERVE - Compassion
  4. Chosen to LEAD - Women Pastor 
  5. Chosen to PLANT - Church Planting 
  6. Chosen to FOLLOW - Baptism

Explanation of the Pins

Each pin of the collection tells the story of David, a teen who accepted the call from God to save his people by facing a giant when no one else was willing to do it and eventually chosen by God to be the leader of his nation. 

Pin Highlights:

•  David is represented by two Pathfinders (a girl and a boy) whom God also wants to use to defeat present giants and win victories for their families, communities, and churches.

•  The 9 Unions of the North American Division and the Guam Micronesia Mission are intentionally engraved on the pin to help Pathfinders identify the regions of the Division territory.

•  Five stones spin over the Unions and the Mission of the North American Division, each stone representing one of the five stones picked by David as he faced the giant and led the people of God to victory. Each one of the stones has been named after an initiative of the North American Division Ministerial Association: (1) Compassion, (2) Plant1000, (3) Women Clergy, (4) NextGen Pastors, and (5) nadEvangelism in its varied ways. We would like to invite each Pathfinder and each Pathfinder Club in North America to be engaged with these initiatives in their local church.

Special Charity Pin Set

100% of this exclusive Pathfinder Pin set will be donated to a Pathfinder Club in need.


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