Chosen Adventist Pioneers 10 Pin Set (Bundle)



Chosen Adventist Pioneers 10 Pin Set (Bundle)

  1. Luther Warren & Harry Fenner  Pin (Pioneers of the Youth Ministry)
  2. Urias Smith Pin (Permanent Editor of the Review)
  3. John N. Andrews Pin (First Offical Missionary)
  4. James White Pin (The Apostle Pual of the Movement)
  5. Ellen White Pin (Messenger of the Lord)
  6. Hiram Edson Pin (Father of the Missionary Work)
  7. Joseph Bates Pin (The Apostle of the Truth of Saturday )
  8. John N. Loughborough Pin (First Historian of the Church) 
  9. Raquel Oakes Pin (A Saturday Guarder)
  10. William Miller Pin (Herald of de Second Advent)

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